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2x Rudy Kloptic Award
For Outstanding improv Troupe

2015 & 2017

"Best of Fest"

Frontera Fest @ Hyde Park


"Best of Austin" Finalist 

I am gonna go out on a limb & say the improv branch is among the most exhilarating. Over 20 years on being on stage and working with the absolute finest souls.


I started doing improvised comedy midway through my years at Gregory-Portland High School in the early to mid 1990s. I was doing Forensics/Speech tournaments nearly every weekend. Occasionally, aside from my prepared pieces, a tournament would offer an improv category. Eventually, I joined Joker's Wild in Corpus Christi. It was a start up troupe, it was Comedy Sports style that performed at hotels, museum foyers, restaurants and bars. I was the mid-teen, whose mom had to drop him off at the 21+ karaoke bar. The comedy was short form games between two teams. I cut my teeth and learned to make mistakes and move on.

When I went to collage in San Marcos, I had to start over. I was getting a degree in Communication Design (Graphic Design/Art Director), and was no longer associated with any theatre. I did another two years of speech tournaments. These tournaments would lay the perfect foundation for future auditions. However, there was a comedy/audience itch that wasn't being scratched, until one day while reading the SWT school paper. There was an ad placed by Sean Hill (dear friend/mentor), who was launching Austin Theatresports, which was similar to what I did before, but with more of a focus on narrative. The troupe would soon transition to We Could Be Heroes, which would go on to open the Hideout Theatre a short 2 years later in 1999. These years forged some of my best friendships/partnerships.


By 2004, fellow "Hero" Mike D'Alonzo, and new friends David Modigliani, Mike Dolan and I launched The Knuckleball Now. The lineup turned over through the years with the super talented Ace Manning, Lee Eddy, Michael Joplin, and Deano Jones. I am the only member who has remained active the entire lifespan of TKN.


TKN has gone on to win critical acclaim and numerous awards and nominations. 


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