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"The only one holding you back, you." - My Dad


"Best Graphic Artist"


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Craig Kotfas

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Welcome to Positivity by Design, presented by Craig Kotfas Creative. I'm Craig, and I appreciate you sharing your temporary detour from the hectic hum of the day. It's with grateful glee I get a chance to create on a daily basis. Whether on a flickering screen, or on a warm stage with local improv staple THE KNUCKLEBALL NOW, or maybe behind a storytelling guitar... When your wife knows that you will occasionally fall a few steps back when that perfect shadow disengages the autopilot. SNAP of the camera!

Even though my creative releases branch in different directions, positivity is the trunk of that tree. This site is/will be a tree house in that deep rooting creature. There will be new music, old music- but with the colorful stories and lessons behind them, plus videos, posters, logos, portraits...

If you asked pre-teen Craig what he wanted to be when he grew up, with a nodding grin, he would point to the 5 pictures below.


Thanks Dad, for carving those initial words in me..

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"Best Case Scenario" Cover


about craig kotfas

(Art Director / Graphic Designer / Singer-Songwriter / Photographer / Comedic Improvisor / Actor)


It's with a sunny disposition that I focus on bringing as much positivity to the world through various forms of creative avenues. Its my comfort zone.


Since the mid 90's, I have called the Texas Hill Country "home". I received a BFA in Communication Design from Texas State/San Marcos (back when it was SWT). It was while I was there that I auditioned for a improv company founded by dear friend Sean Hill. This group (Austin Theatresports/We Could Be Heroes) would eventually start the Hideout Theatre. By 2000 my roots were burrowing deep into Austin soil. I have recently drifted west to Dripping Springs, where I live with my dear wife Shamayne and two cats (Gracie & Wrigley).

Born in Chicago, my family immediately moved  & raised me in South Texas (Gregory-Portland, TX to be exact). My interest in drawing and other creative arts were evident at an early age. It wasn't till 5th grade, when I did my first talent show, that I was bitten by the performing bug. I have been onstage ever since. Even decades later I still find tremendous pleasure performing monthly with the award-winning improv comedy troupe THE KNUCKLEBALL NOW.


Growing up I found joy in making tape/cd covers (by hand, before computers, ancient). Soon, I realized "Wait a second! If I learn guitar, I can record my own album and then do the COVER". It seemed so logical at the time, that I was borrowing friends' guitars or a friend's dad's guitar, with the occasional call "Hey dude, my dad is asking about his guitar (CLICK)." Once I picked up the guitar, whoa, another passion was discovered, and it was hard to put it down. Summer before High School, I was staying the night at my friend Will's house. After a long night, Will feel asleep and I was winding down. I pushed play on the cassette player and it clicked, not only the player, but what came out. It was Austin's "Twang Twang Shock-a-boom" and I lit up. The simple combination of David Garza's acoustic guitar, Jeff Haley's bouncing upright, Chris Searles' blistering percussion - made me want to make music that pushed this good feeling forward. Fast forward a couple decades, David would contribute on the track "SUNFLOWER" off the album, Autopilot Disengaged

Both Autopilot Disengaged  and my debut Best Case Scenario can be found on iTunes, Spotify and most online music services... and yes, it was quite gratifying to do the album artwork.

Doing graphic design is nearly a daily occurrence for me. I love doing logos, show posters, illustrations, and anything that helps market the passions of my friends and family. I spend weekdays as the in-house designer for a rocking brand of cold-brew coffee, High Brew Coffee. (Go to design page)

Even though my usual stage performing is without a script, I do occasionally do film and video work, which do have scripts. Represented by Actors Clearinghouse for over a decade now, I have appeared in several feature films, tv, and several commercials for broadcast and web. (Go to video page)

Photography has been a later in life passion discovery. Check out the photos page, I'm drawn to the beauty of candid shadows and unexpected reflections. (Go to photos page)

Just like a stove can cook on multiple burners, I am happiest when I can have multiple pots boiling and skillets sizzling.

I have three wonderful grown stepchildren and 3 grandchildren (which I like to call Grandcubs,  that fill the hours when I am not tinkering away on a song, logo, or commissioned design.


I am very grateful for what my family instills in me and what my friends bring out of me. Lift each other up. Choose to recharge others, not drain.  +ck


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